I’ve spent the last two weeks detoxing my body.  Underlying thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, and overall inflammation were what led my doctor to suggest this detox experience.  By getting rid of the gunk, the supplements needed to get everything back in balance would be better absorbed by my body.

Last Sunday morning, the message at church focused on repentance and obedience.  My mind started making the connection between repentance and the detoxing I had been doing in my physical body.  Just like I need to detox my gut so that my supplements absorb better, I need to detox the other areas of my life so that my spiritual food (the Word) can absorb better.

Another topic that God has been placing before me lately is abiding (soaking) in the Word.  However, if I’m covered in the grime of the world, the Word will not absorb as well.  It will simply bead up and roll off like rain on a freshly waxed car.  If I get rid of all that grime and detox my mind, spirit, emotions, and behaviors, I will be able to absorb the meat of the Word much better.

What are the things causing spiritual sludge and grime to gunk up our lives?  They are most likely things that we don’t even give much thought to.  For me, the amount of time I let my mind focus on things that are ultimately a waste of time and therefore not beneficial to me would be a biggie.  Another issue would be letting the seemingly “harmless” thought processes of the world seep in.  These and much more eventually affect my attitudes and emotions, leading to behaviors that do not benefit me or those around me.  Neither do those attitudes bring glory to the Father.

I didn’t really feel like I was suffering from the toxins that accumulated in my body before I detoxed.  But, after just a short amount of time of eliminating the foods (or fake foods) that contributed to that build-up, I started noticing the benefits of feeling more energetic, lighter and overall healthier.  How often do we rock along feeling like everything is just fine spiritually, not realizing that we have allowed worldly buildup to cover our spirits, minds, and emotions which ultimately affect our behaviors?  I’m expecting to see the same kind of spiritual refreshment and health restoration when I start detoxing my mind, spirit, emotions, and behaviors.  God is faithful and will reward the obedience of a heart that seeks Him.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  Jeremiah 29:13 ESV

Let the detox begin…

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