Touched by the lives of others

Living in a new place for about 3 months now has prompted me to think about the people who have had an influence on my life over the past 47 years.

God has put many people in my life just when I needed them to be there.  Some for long periods of time, others for shorter periods.  Some have had deep involvement and profound impact.  Others have had less of a far-reaching scope on my life, yet still were an important influence.

Study and scripture has been bringing many of these to mind lately.  They’ve even showed up in seemingly random dreams.

We were put here and saved for the purpose of bringing glory to God.  One way we do that is by the way we influence the lives of those around us.  As I’m beginning to make new connections, I am more and more aware of the impact He would have me make on the lives around me.  I desire to be intentional in the ways that I interact with them.  I’m thankful for the MANY that have been a part of my life.

About klj68

4th Grade ELAR teacher Band Director's wife Stepmom to 2 successful young men Auntie Sister to Gypsy Mama Mía to 3 year old Hunter and coming soon Baby girl Johns
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1 Response to Touched by the lives of others

  1. Tracy Hunter says:

    This is all so true my friend, it made me stop and think of all of the wonderful people that have had an impact on my life. So blessed! Love you and miss you!


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